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The Interview is timely as homelessness is an issue that all communities deal with these days. As we know, it could happen to anyone under certain circumstances such as bad investments, loss of a job, many unexpected payments due, lack of family or friends support, etc. The author has given the usually faceless street people characters and personalities that everyone can identify with. It's a great read and very satisfactory ending.
- Christine Khoury

Wow! Loved the book! I actually lost weight reading it -- I didn't want to take time away from it to eat!
- B. King

"The Interview" is Linda M. Henderson's first, but not her last, novel. Her promising future as a writer is bright. Henderson writes compassionately about the plight of homeless individuals and the constant physical and emotional hardships they face living on the dangerous, often violent, environment of New York City streets. She explores the sense of community that develops within one small group of homeless people who band together to share their meager existence and provide protection from vicious predators.

Henderson's writing style flows smoothly back and forth from the plight of homeless Ruth to her daughter Elizabeth who lives with Ruth's sister Dorothy and her husband Bill. Henderson maintains a good balance between dialogue and descriptive passages to set the stage and introduce main characters. I was drawn in by the engrossing story line from the very beginning.
- Calokie on

I just finished reading this wonderful, compelling, gritty book and came away with a more compassionate view of the homeless out there. I even got a little teary eyed when reading the last chapter. This story would make a good made-for-TV movie - something along the lines of a certain card company Hall of Fame? It was a good read.
- BobbieD on

I read The Interview several months ago and the story and the people are still vivid in my mind! Not many books do that for me. As the story and main characters developed I found that I could not put it down. I loved the characters and truly enjoyed the book. It gave me vivid understanding of family dymamics and the homeless population and their challenge just to cope with everyday living. Things that most of us simply take for granted. Ms. Henderson's book is definitely worth reading. It's not a book that you will soon forget.

- Jeri

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