Reviews for "The Golden Leaf"

"From the vineyards of Napa and battlefields of Afghanistan to the Big Apple. The Golden Leaf is the first of what I hope will be a series of enjoyable books featuring the Lockman family including kids and dogs, future generations, friends and varied locations. Personally, I would like to live in the inn attached to the winery, drink lovely glasses of wine, read fun books, and take rejuvenating walks around the grounds. I look forward to more tales with these characters."
- C. Khoury

"This heartwarming and touching story is a great read. It provides very loving characters that support each other through life, death, and the very timely subject of PTSD. The Golden Leaf is a positive response to the often negative perceptions of how troubles in our lives can be handled. We continue to look forward to this author’s work as her voice matures each time. Add to that some very delicious descriptions of food and the great Napa Valley scenery, this novel is a quick and nourishing read."
- Phil and Lisa

"L.M. Henderson's fourth novel, The Golden Leaf, is the touching love story of a widow and a retired Navy Seal. The skillfully written dialogues between the main characters keeps the story line moving at a pleasant pace. Background information about Navy Seals and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) provides the reader with a compassionate look at the long term effects of military combat that some veterans experience."
- T. Heyer

"The Golden Leaf is a fast moving, touching, romantic novel of the love story between Laura and Ferris and their extended family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it."
- J.M. Swanson

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