The Golden Leaf

the golden leaf

At the heart of Napa Valley, California, there is a bed-and-breakfast and winery called The Golden Leaf. The Beemers, Robert and Laura, own and run it. They have a daughter, Chelsea, and two Great Danes.

Robert suffers a heart attack and crosses over, and Laura is left to run the bed and breakfast. A man comes to stay for a few days at the inn, and his name is Ferris Lockman. Upon meeting each other, Laura and Ferris feel a strong attraction. Ferris, however, is a Navy Seal and has one last tour of duty in Afghanistan before retiring.

After his tour of duty is over, he comes back to the inn, and he and Laura fall deeply in love and get married. Ferris suffers with Ptsd because of losing his first wife and son in the 9/11 towers attack and his tours of duty in the Middle East.

This is a tender love story that shows the courage and strength soldiers have in protecting our country. Too often we forget how they gave their lives or pieces of their lives to keep us safe.

Join the Lockman family at the Golden Leaf and Winery, and enjoy their celebrations of life and love in beautiful Napa Valley.

Selected Reviews:

"It was a wonderful, inspiring romantic book about families. I couldn't put it down. If you want to read something that warms your heart, read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Linda! I can't wait for your next one." - Norma Murphy

"The Golden Leaf is a wonderfully written romantic novel. I read it in two evenings. The author captured the rich heritage of the Napa Valley. The novel will tug at your heart strings all over again when Ferris and Laura visit Ground Zero in New York. The Golden Leaf is a must read!" - Teresa A

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the golden leaf

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