Mother Earth's Tears

mother earth's tears

Selected Reviews:

For those readers who care about the legacy of our beautiful land, the Native American traditions and our great Northwest, this is a pleasant read. Although the outcome is predictable, one finds themself caring about what will happen and why this occurred in the first place. Makes one wish they could observe the traditional Canoe Journey that is held, and also makes one grateful that such traditions are upheld in today's too technical and fast-paced world. - Christine A. Khoury

Great read especially for Magic Treehouse fans. Meg, her brother Scotty and their friend Billy make a discovery on one of their hiking expeditions and are tasked with saving their town from disaster. Fun teenage adventure, with a touch of the mystical. Great for the 8 - 12 year old set. - JM Swanson

The discovery of a mysterious spring and the spirit of a Native American chief by nine-year-old Scotty, his teenage sister Meg, and her friend Billy introduces the mystical theme of Mother Earth's Tears. This magical children's story conveys ideas of appreciation and respect for Native American culture and teaches a lesson in balance and cooperation in achieving community goals. - Calokie

The author's thoughts on Mother Earth's Tears

Every year I travel to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington to visit my friend who lives there. I'm always in awe of the beauty of the mountains, rivers, and lakes surrounding the area. There are herds of elk that look for a place to bed down for the night, and the eagles make their nests in the trees. There's a strong Native American influence in that part of the world and their traditions and lore live on in the spirits of the people. Enjoy this adventure and take with you the love of our earth.

This book is not only a good read for adults but for kids eight years old and up. Everyone can enjoy the story!

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