Reviews for "Loving Without Fear"

"This is a lovely book, written straight from the heart. It simply and poignantly lays out all we have to be thankful for despite life's setbacks and challenges. It is written from such a place of love that one leaves it determined to approach one's own life and challenges from a similar place. The structure and writing style is deliberately clear and simple, with observations and philosophies that are stated in a straightforward manner. This book does not preach a philosophy, rather it chronicles a life full of normal life ups and downs and experiences. It encourages us by example,to approach our own lives and experiences from a place of love and appreciation."
- Sue Leuchter

"I really enjoyed reading this book on living one's life without the fear of loving. This book will help many experience more love and thus happiness in their life. It is a very upbeat, heartfelt and helpful read."
- Dr T

"This is a wonderful book about one woman's reflection on love, life and loss. She touches on growing up in San Francisco, dealing with adversity, family, pets, music, theater, doctors and hospitals. The author makes a thoughtful tribute to her mother from who she learned to love from the heart and continue loving and living without fear. The drawings were provided by her granddaughter distinguishes such a personal touch. As I am dealing with an elderly parent who is struggling with health, finances and family issues. This is the perfect short and sweet gift for that someone who needs a little guidance on how to continue living life to one's fullest from the heart."
- Healthwise Foodie

"What a delightful read. Loving Without Fear was written from the heart and leaves you with a warm and loving feeling. What a beautiful gift to give to friends and family to share with them the beauty of love."
- Dan Friedman

"This book is a must read for anyone who has loved and lost someone, is feeling sad and unsure of making that leap to love again, is missing a person/pet that has left this physical world. The author describes very well the different genres of love a person experiences, whether it be parent/child, husband/wife, pet/owner, friend/friend, etc. The reader can get a good feel for the great influence loving parents and stable family life can have on a person's adult journey. This book will make a lovely gift for a person's loved ones for Christmas or any holiday, birthdays, or just because! The chapters are well done and thought out. Also, the drawings at the beginning of each chapter really capture the feel of the subject matter for that particular relationship. You can feel the love and care that went into the words and art for this beautiful book."
- Christine Khoury

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