About L.M. Henderson

L. M. HendersonLinda Henderson has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life. She and her late husband were involved in little theater throughout their marriage. He was an actor, and Linda was a singer. They have two children and six grandchildren. Linda still performs on stage periodically.

Linda and her husband traveled to many places and loved the different cultures. She also gives Reiki (healing) treatments for seniors at the Senior Center in Half Moon Bay along with other volunteers, and finds it very satisfying to heal and help others.

Ideas for characters in her novels come from people that she has known in her life. She gathers bits and pieces of their personalities and creates the characters that make up her stories. An idea for a story comes to her and develops in her mind and then she types it on the computer. Of course, the finished product is done after there is a lot of editing and changes. It's quite a process and time consuming, but very satisfying when the book is finished and ready for publishing. She loves to write and looks forward to the finished product of her creation.

L. M. Henderson

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